Do Indian Passport Holders Need a Visa for Kenya?

Yes. Kenya is one of the world's most unique and interesting tourist destinations that attract many tourists from India every year. The Indian market is a crucial factor in the restoration of Kenya tourism when the number of Indian travelers to Kenya increases in 2021.

Kenya is renowned for its breathtakingly beautiful tourist attractions and enjoyable safari experiences. With its national parks and game reserves, Kenya is a top travel destination for those interested in wildlife and adventure.

Indian passport holders must obtain a visa to enter Kenya. Previously, Indian travelers must apply for a regular visa at the Embassy or Consulate. Since 2015, the Kenyan Government has launched electronic visas, making travel to Kenya more trouble-free and faster than ever before. Indians can use an electronic visa to enter the country for various reasons including tourism, short-term business, and medical purposes.

Indian travelers are able to apply for a Kenya visa online by filling out an application form, submitting some required documents, and making payment for the visa fee. It should take no more than 15 minutes to complete the visa application procedure on the Kenya Immigration Service website. Importantly, Indian applicants should check the Kenya e-visa requirements for Indians to prepare enough necessary documents beforehand

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