Do German citizens need a visa for Kenya?

Yes. German passport bearers must possess a valid passport to have a trip to Kenya. Very few countries are exempted from Kenya visa requirements. People from nations with which Kenya has visa-waiver agreements are permitted entry into the country without a visa. They don't include Germany.

When it comes to safari tours in East Africa, most travelers immediately think of Kenya. It is among the best places to go on a safari if you are planning a trip to Africa. Before traveling to this country, German citizens need to obtain a Kenya visa.

The process of applying for a Kenya visa has been simplified thanks to Kenya's electronic visa system. Instead of queuing in a long line at the Embassy to apply for a visa, German travelers now can request a visa online from anywhere. A Kenya electronic visa functions as a regular visa, allowing German nationals to enter Kenya for many reasons such as tourism, medical treatment, transit, and business. The validity of an eVisa lasts 90 days from the issued date, with the duration of stay up to 90 days from the arrival date.

Kenya Immigration Services provides German citizens with reputable Kenya visa consulting services, helping them save a significant amount of time and money.

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