Do EU citizens need a visa for Kenya?

Yes. Citizens of the EU will need to possess a valid visa in order to travel to Kenya for safari tours or a beach vacation. The online visa system was launched in 2015 with the aim of speeding up the visa application process, making it easier for foreign citizens to obtain a visa to visit Kenya. From 2021, it is mandatory for EU travelers to have an eVisa to enter the country. 

Applying for a Kenya visa online is the fastest way for EU citizens to get a Kenya visa. The most ideal time to apply for a Kenya eVisa is one week before the intended travel date. The applicants have to make sure that they obtain enough required documents before beginning the application process. 
It normally takes 03 business days to process the visa application. However, EU travelers can also utilize rush visa service and get their Kenya eVisa in just 05 business hours. This service is designed to help EU travelers who plan to visit Kenya but do not have enough time to prepare to get a visa. 
Once approved, a Kenya electronic visa is valid for 09 months from the date of issuance. EU citizens are permitted a 90-day stay in Kenya and enjoy the stunning sceneries there.

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