Can UK citizens travel to Kenya?

Yes. UK citizens can visit Kenya as long as they have a valid visa. In 2020, the Kenya Government temporarily closed its border due to the Covid-19. Until August 2020, the borders were reopened, allowing international travelers to enter Kenya for tourism purposes.

The United Kingdom is one of the largest source markets for Kenya’s tourism. Kenya is renowned for its natural settings, providing tourists the opportunity to go on safari and see wild creatures up close. Therefore, one of the most common reasons for tourists from the UK to visit the nation is to go on safari tours.

If you are a UK citizen planning to have a vacation in Kenya, you must apply for a visa before departing. In 2015, the Kenya Directorate of Immigration Services launched an electronic visa system, allowing citizens of eligible countries to apply for a Kenya visa online. This eliminates the need to visit an Embassy or consulate to apply for a regular visa as before.

Once the visa is issued, the holder can enter Kenya at an entry point with a valid visa and passport. The UK can use an electronic visa to visit Kenya for many different purposes including tourism, business, and transit.

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