Can I use a UK Emergency Travel Document to enter Kenya?

Yes. You can use UK Emergency Travel Documents (ETDs) for entry, transit, and exit from Kenya.

You can cross a maximum of five countries on the way to Kenya using an emergency travel document. If you currently reside in the country from which you are applying, you can typically use it to return there. Your travel details (including destinations and travel date) will be printed on your emergency travel paperwork. If your trip itinerary changes, you must apply for a new emergency travel document once you have one. When departing Kenya, ETD tourists are required to get an exit stamp from the local authorities.

In addition, you can aslo apply for a Kenya visa online to get permission to enter Kenya. Its national reserves containing some of the most endangered wildlife and diverse culture will bring you many unforgettable experiences during the trip. With a Kenya eVisa for UK citizens, you can have a 90-day trip to explore this fascinating country. Thanks to the new electronic visa system, you can apply for a Kenyan visa online in just a few minutes using smart devices with a stable internet connection. After obtaining your Kenya eVisa, traveling to Kenya will be easier and more convenient than ever before.

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