Can I book my ticket before applying for a Kenya visa from Australia?

Yes, you can. Very few countries require applicants to book a flight ticket before obtaining a visa because it can minimize the troubles in case their visa applications are delayed or canceled. 

However, a flight ticket is one of the Kenya visa requirements for Australian citizens. This is to ensure that Australian travelers do not exceed the validity of their visa. For a transit Visa, Australian travelers need a plane ticket to prove they arrive in Kenya and leave the country within 03 days. A ticket showing Kenya being the first destination will be required if Australians apply for an East Africa visa.  
Australian nationals are recommended to submit their application at least one week before their travel date. After the application has been submitted for processing, Australian travelers can expect to receive their visa within 05 business hours to 03 working days depending on the processing time they selected. Urgent service takes 24 hours to process their visa application. The faster Australian citizens want to get their visa, the higher fee they need to pay. Australians should consider which time frame best suits their needs and budgets, thus choosing the most suitable processing time option. 

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