Can all Moroccan travel to Kenya?

Yes. Moroccan citizens can travel to Kenya as long as they possess a valid Kenya visa. For Moroccans, Kenya is on the top list when it comes to safari tours. From large national parks which are home to a wide variety of wildlife to stunning beaches with extensive coral reefs, Kenya offers Moroccan tourists many attractive places to visit.

Traveling to Kenya from Morocco cannot be easier thanks to the introduction of the Kenya electronic visa. Instead of visiting an Embassy or a consulate to request a visa for Kenya, Moroccan nationals now can do it online at Kenya Immigration Services. The Kenya eVisa was launched by the Kenyan Government in 2015 to make the visa application process for Moroccan travelers simpler and faster. As a result, the number of tourists from Morocco increased annually, significantly contributing to the restoration of Kenyan tourism after the pandemic.

After 03 business days after the submission of the visa application, Moroccan citizens will receive their visa via email. They should bring at least 02 copies of their eVisa printout to Kenya in case the Immigration Officer at the airport asks them to present it upon arrival. Rush visa service is also available for Moroccan nationals if they need their visa in a few hours (5 hours).


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