Learn How To Apply For A Kenya Visas Online - Get A Kenya Electronic Visa From Anywhere

By Jenna Jolie

Apply Kenya visa online/Apply for a Kenya e visa: Kenya is a country that will awaken your senses and leave you in awe of its breathtaking landscapes and diverse wildlife. For adventure seekers, Kenya offers thrilling wildlife safaris where they can witness these magnificent creatures up close. On the other hand, the bustling city of Nairobi, with its blend of modern and traditional experiences, is a paradise for unique souvenirs and exciting nightlife activities.

To have a smooth trip to Kenya, tourists should prepare enough travel documents; a visa is necessary. Owing to the implementation of the electronic visa system in Kenya, obtaining a visa for the country has become a simple and straightforward process. In this article, Kenya Immigration Services will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to apply online for a Kenya e visa. Let's see!

Several Ways To Apply A Kenya Visa For Travelers

How to apply for a Kenya visa for tourists online

How to apply for a Kenya visa for tourists online

  • Travelers who wish to obtain a Kenya visa have various options. The traditional way to apply for a Kenya visa is to visit an embassy or consulate in their home country and apply in person. However, this approach may require a significant amount of time and documentation to complete the visa application process.
  • The other way is to apply for a Kenya visa online. Kenyan electronic visa was launched by Kenya's Ministry of Interior in 2015 to expedite the visa application process and reduce the overload of visa applications at the Embassy. This type of visa is suitable for those traveling to Kenya for a short period of time. 

Compared to traditional visa application methods, applying for a Kenya e visa is much more convenient. You can complete the Kenya visa application process from the comfort of your home, track your application's progress online, and receive your Kenya electronic visa via email.

Here are some benefits of applying for a Kenya visa online:

  • Convenience

The online visa application process eliminates the need to visit the Embassy or consulate to obtain a visa. You can apply online from every corner of the world as long as you possess enough required documents

  • Easy to track

With the Kenya e visa, you can track the progress of your application by accessing the Check status feature. By doing this, you can determine whether your application is processed, approved, or pending

  • Cost - effective

A Kenya evisa application is less expensive than other types of visa applications. The Kenya e visa fees consist of two categories: the Government fee and the Kenya visa service fee; both of them are affordable.

  • Quick procedure

Typically, applicants can receive a Kenya e visa in a maximum of 03 business days

  • Simple documentation

Compared to the traditional visa, a Kenya e visa application process requires fewer documents. 

The Application Process Apply Electronic Visa For Kenya

Currently, there are 148 countries eligible for a Kenya e visa. It is essential to check your eligibility before applying to avoid wasting your time and money. Eligible applicants can apply for a visa for Kenya by completing the online application form on the Kenya Immigration Services 

Let’s check visa requirements before applying for a Kenya visa

Check visa requirements before applying for a Kenya visa

Check visa requirements before applying for a Kenya visa

A Kenya e visa is easy to obtain, provided that you provide enough documents and accurate information. There are Kenya visa requirements that applicants are required to comply with: 

  • A passport that is valid for no less than six months from the intended date of entry in Kenya. There should be at least two unused pages for stamping by the Immigration Service
  • A color photograph of the applicant (the photo must be sharp and focused on the applicant's face).

Some extra documents may be required depending on the type of Kenya visa you are applying for:

  • A hotel reservation & flight tickets
  • If you wish to obtain a Kenya business e visa, you may be required to provide an invitation letter from the host and a Certificate of Incorporation of company & staff ID card.

A step-by-step guide on how to complete the Kenya visa application online

Because of its convenience, the Kenya e visa has gained popularity among travelers intending to visit Kenya. Travelers can apply for a Kenya e visa anytime using a smart device, such as a desktop, smartphone, or tablet with a stable Internet connection.

The Kenya visa application online process takes only fifteen minutes to complete. As an applicant for a Kenya e visa, you just need to follow the 4 simple steps:

  • Step 1: Fill in the Kenya e visa application form. Some information needs to be provided, including visa details and personal information: full name, gender, date of birth, nationality, and passport number
  • Step 2: Pay the Kenya visa application fees and receive a confirmation email notifying you that we have received your application. After that, please send us the required documents to proceed further
  • Step 3: Wait for the Kenya e visa result.

The processing time of a Kenya e visa application is 03 business days at max. If you are in urgent cases, you can request the Rush Kenya e visa service that is available on our website.

Please note that you should bring at least a printout of your Kenya electronic visa because the Immigration Officer at the checkpoint will ask you to show it. 

Simple steps to complete the Kenya visa application online

Simple steps to complete the Kenya visa application online

Tips For A Successful Kenya Visa Application Online

It's always a good idea to apply for your Kenya visa well in advance of your travel dates to avoid any last-minute complications.

  • Begin the application as soon as possible

Although the typical processing time for a Kenya e visa is 03 business days, we strongly recommend you apply for a Kenya visa at least a week before departure. We can never forecast any events that may happen in the future.

  • Check your eligibility

A Kenya e visa is only available to 148 countries. If you are not a citizen of a country on this list, you will need to apply for a Kenya visa traditionally. 

  • Complete the Kenya e visa application accurately

A complete application form with accurate information and enough documents is the primary factor determining your visa application's success. Therefore, it's essential to take the time to ensure that all the information provided is accurate and up-to-date, including full name, gender, date of birth, nationality, passport number, and any other required information.

Double-checking the form before submission can ensure the Kenya e visa application's smooth and efficient processing.

  • Pay attention to your Kenya visa’s expiration date

A Kenya electronic visa has a validity period of up to 90 days from the issuance date. Be mindful that you can only enter Kenya during this timeframe. Additionally, you should check the duration of staying time allowed with your Kenya visa to avoid overstaying a visa. 

For each type of visa, there is a specific staying time permitted. Let's take a Kenya tourist e visa as an example, which allows tourists to enter Kenya only once and remain in the country for 90 days. After this time, they have to request a Kenya visa extension to stay longer or leave the country and obtain a new visa to return to Kenya.

  • Keep a copy of your Kenya electronic visa

After you receive your Kenya e visa, make sure to keep at least a copy of it with you at all times during your trip.

Conclusion On Applying For Kenya Electronic Visa

Our team at Kenya Immigration Services, with more than 10 years of experience in electronic visa consulting services, will help you obtain a Kenya e visa without hassle.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any inquiries about a Kenya e visa application. Wishing you many unforgettable experiences in this fascinating country!