An old friend in Kenya is missing you on Friendship day

By Jenna Jolie

People around the world are sipping the glass of champagne to celebrate the friendship with their soulmates. The international friendship day is a rare occasion to remind everyone about their relationships regardless of whether it is old or new. Every first Sunday in August was established as An International Friendship Day and this year it is 1st August.

An old friend in Kenya is missing you on Friendship day

Back through to 1919, this day originally used to be a day people send cards to their friends to celebrate intimate relationships. Day over day, walking through many events and it is finally officially recognized as the International Friendship Day by the United Nations in 2011. Although the official day was 30th July, everyone still conventionally gets the first Sunday in August. It also encourages people to make new friends, open their networking.

Sometimes, being with your best friend is all the therapy you need. Although your life is chaotic, do not forget to spend time and mind to do something on this day. You could simply send a message to your friends, make a phone call to inquire about their life, or more specially make a trip to visit them.

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