What is the processing time for a Kenya visa from the UAE?

The processing time for a Kenya visa is determined by the applicant’s selection in the first step. This step requires UAE nationals to fill in an application form and supply all the necessary information including visa details (number of visa, type of visa, processing time…), and personal data (full name, gender, birthdate, nationality, and passport number). 

UAE residents who apply for a Kenya visa on Kenya Immigration Service website can choose one of 03 options for the processing time of visa application. These processing options were made to satisfy the applicant’s needs and budgets. 
  • Normal: With this option, UAE nationals have to wait 03 business days to obtain their visa to Kenya. Most visa applicants select this option since it is the least expensive. 
  • Urgent: This option allows UAE residents to get their approved document in only 24 business hours.
  • Super Urgent: With this third alternative, UAE travelers can expect to get their Kenya e-Visa just within 05 business hours. It is suitable for those applicants who do not have enough time to apply for a Kenya visa by themselves and need a visa service to assist them with this. 
UAE applicants must know that the faster they want to receive their visa, the higher fee they need to pay. Currently, UAE citizens have to pay two types of fees for Kenya eVisa: the Government fee and the Service charge. 

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