in what situation do i need a kenya transit visa from canada

A Kenya transit visa is granted to Canadian citizens who connect through Kenya to other countries for a period of no longer than 72 hours. This is a single entry visa and cannot be extended. There is no requirement to obtain a transit visa for those staying in the airport and waiting for the connecting flights. 

Canadian travelers can have a 03-day trip in Kenya to explore some attractive destinations and learn more about Kenya's culture using this type of visa. To apply for a Kenya transit visa, Canadian citizens must follow the 03-step visa application process: 
  • Step 1: Fill in the application form with some essential information: visa details and personal information. 
  • Step 2: Double check all the information provided to ensure that Canadian travelers entered the accurate details. After that, make an online payment for the transit visa fee using electronic payment methods (PayPal, American Express, Debit/ Credit Card) or Wire Transfer (transaction via the Bank of Cyprus). 
  • Step 3: Submit the visa application. Canadian travelers will get their transit eVisa in a maximum of 03 business days if they provide the correct information and enough required documents (passport, photo, and an onward flight ticket after 3 days). They should have a visa printout before departing to present to the Immigration Officer upon arrival. 

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