How much is the visa from Jordan to Kenya?

A Kenya visa is necessary for Jordanian visitors who plan to stay in Kenya for more than 30 days. Kenya's Directorate of Immigration Service now offers the Kenya electronic visa, making travel to Kenya simpler than ever.

Jordanian nationals can apply for a visa to Kenya online in 15 minutes, and they will receive it in a few business days. Importantly, the applicants must pay the Kenya visa cost as a necessary step in order for the eVisa to be processed. Jordanian citizens must pay the Government Fee and the Visa Service Fee when applying for a Kenya e visa through Kenya Immigration Service website.

Jordanians are required to pay a variety of fees for their Kenya e visa applications, depending on the type of visa they are requesting. Jordanians are required to pay two different sorts of fees including: a Government fee and a Service fee.

  • Jordanians wanting a tourist or business visa for Kenya must pay US$95.00 in Government fees
  • For a transit visa to Kenya, the Government needs to receive payment in the amount of US$65.00
  • If they are applying for an East Africa visa, the price is higher.

The Kenya e visa service fee is determined by the service options you choose. Jordanian citizens may be required to pay an eVisa service charge depending on one of three different types of processing times for Kenya visas.

  • Normal Kenya e visa service: An eVisa is issued within three business days for a cost of US$59.00
  • Urgent Kenya e visa service: Visitors who pay a greater cost can expect to receive their Kenya eVisa in 24 hours. They need to pay an extra US$79.00
  • Super urgent Kenya e visa service (Rush Kenya e visa): This Kenya e visa service option is ideal for Jordanian applicants who need their eVisa in 05 hours or less for an additional US$99.00 (apply for a Rush Kenya e visa here).

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