How much is the visa from Bangladesh to Kenya?

A Kenya e visa application may be completed fully online, without the need to visit an embassy. Filling out the Kenya visa application form should take no more than 15 minutes and involves only a few basic information. After submitting the application, travelers from Bangladesh must pay two (2) types of Kenya visa costs, including: Kenya Government fees and Kenya visa service fees.

The Kenya Government fee is the sum that Bangladesh citizens must pay to Kenya Immigration Services in order for the Kenya Immigration Department to evaluate their Kenya e visa. This is the required fee for anyone applying for a Kenya electronic visa. It is defined by the categories of Kenya visas that nationals of Bangladesh wish to apply for: 

  • Kenya Tourist e visa: US$ 95.00
  • Kenya Business e visa: US$ 95.00
  • Kenya Transit e visa: US$ 65.00
  • East Africa e visa: US$ 150.00

Besides, Bangladesh citizens must pay for the Kenya visa service costs depends on how quick they want to get an Kenya e visa:

  • Regular Kenya e visa service: Bangladeshi citizens must pay US$ 59.00 for getting a Kenya eVisa within 3 business days
  • Urgent Kenya e visa service: Bangladeshi travelers have to pay US$ 79.00 in order to obtain a Kenya eVisa within 1 business day
  • Super Urgent Kenya e visa service: with this Kenya visa service option, Bangladeshi customers will be charged US$ 99.00 to get a Kenya eVisa within 5 hours (apply a Rush Kenya e visa for Bangladeshi citizens here).

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