How Long Does It Take To Get A Kenya Visa From Jordan?

Kenya Immigration Services's website processes online Kenya e visa applications between 05 hours and 03 business days. As a result, Jordanian nationals should submit their Kenya visa applications seven days before their intended departure.

Jordanian nationals should just need a few minutes to complete the straightforward online Kenya visa application. Before starting the application, they should make sure they have all the necessary documentation. A current passport, an applicant's photo, and a ticket for the flight are a few of the required papers.

The possibilities for Kenya e visa processing times may be varied for Jordanians:

  • Normal Kenya visa service option: Typically, it takes three business days to process and issue an Kenya e visa. For all visitors, this is the best alternative at the lowest price
  • Urgent Kenya visa service option: Those who pay a higher price can anticipate getting their Kenya e visa in 24 hours
  • Rush Kenya visa/Super Urgent visa service option: Applicants from Jordan who require their Kenya e visa in 05 hours should choose this Kenya e visa service option if they have a high level of urgency. This is an emergency route for travelers who have little time to plan their trip to Kenya.

Jodanian citizens can apply for a Rush Kenya electronic visa here.

Visitors from Jordan will be notified of their Kenya e visa approval via the email address provided in the application form. As a result, it is critical that they double-check all of the information provided before pressing the "Submit" button.

We also makes it simpler for Jordanian customers to check the status of their Kenya e visa applications by allowing them to click the "Check Status" button at anytime.

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