How Can The Kenya Visa For Russia Be Extended?

Kenya is a diverse country with coastal and savanna areas, as well as a wide range of tourist attractions, including national parks and historic sites. Before traveling to Kenya, Russian citizens should have a better understanding of whether to plan a safari, visit relatives or simply go sightseeing, as well as extend Kenya visas when needed.

The single - entry Kenya e visa is the most popular form of visa for Kenya. This initially allows Russian passport holders to enter Kenya legally for up to 90 days and is suitable for those coming to Kenya for leisure, business, medical, or transit purposes.

However, if the Kenya visa holder leaves Kenya for any reason, they must reapply for another single-entry Kenya visa. Travelers from the Russian Federation can extend Kenya visa by going, in person, to the Department of Immigration, the Kenya embassy in the Russian FederationLopukhinsky Pereulok Dom 5, 119034, Moscow in Russia; or applying for an online Kenya visa extension through the Kenya Immigration Services website.

The Kenya e visa process extension is straightforward and simple. Russians have to simply fill in the form of the question, which includes their name, address, date of birth, email address, and travel plans.

  • Russians need to meet all Kenya visa requirements and pay an overstay fee in Kenya by using a credit or debit card in order to re-apply for the Kenya e visa successfully
  • When the Kenya e visas for Russian citizens are approved, they are sent to the email address specified on the application form.

Normally, Kenya electronic visa for Russian citizens applications are processed within 24 hours, but on rare occasions, the process can take up to 5 business days.

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