How Can The Kenya Visa For Bangladeshi Be Extended?

According to the regulations by the Kenya Government, all types of Kenya tourist e visa and Kenya business e visa can be extended. However, Kenya transit e visa can not be extended.

In order to extend the stay duration, you must go to the Kenya embassy or the local office in Kenya to request for extension. If you don't extend your Kenya e visa, you will be penalized for overstay if you stay more than 90 days. Because this is a single-entry visa; therefore, Bangladesh who want to come back to Kenya, must apply for a new one.

Kenya Immigration Services suggest travelers 04 main types of Kenya electronic visa for Bangladeshi citizens to apply depending on their demands:

  • Kenya Tourist eVisa: This type of Kenya e visa is valid for 90 days and has a stay duration of 3 months from the date of issue with a single-entry
  • East Africa eVisa: This is also a tourist visa; however, Bangladeshi nationals who apply for this type of Kenya e visa can travel between Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda within 3 months. This tourist e visa is valid for 03 months with multiple-entries
  • Kenya Business eVisa: This eVisa is for those who want to travel to Kenya for business purposes within 90 days. Kenya business e visa is valid for 90 days with one single-entry only
  • Kenya Transit eVisa: This is a single-entry Kenya e visa which valid for 90 days from the day of entry into Kenya. However, this type of eVisa is only for those who intend to stay in Kenya for 7 days and then move to the next destination.


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