Do UAE residents need travel insurance to Kenya?

Yes. UAE visitors are recommended to get travel insurance to Kenya should things go wrong while traveling out of their nation. This insurance not only helps UAE travelers cover their benefits regarding medical, transportation, trip delays, or lost baggage but also raises the chance of visa approval by the Kenyan Government. Especially, in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, travel insurance is more important because it covers Covid-19 medical expenses for travelers.

Travel health plans are designed to assist with medical treatment in Kenya. With the fee of US$ 299 per application, UAE residents can purchase travel insurance from Kenya Immigration Service. We are delighted to be a partner with Trawick Insurance, one of the best travel insurance companies recommended by Forbes. There are some medical coverages for a trip to Kenya that is included in Travel Insurance such as:  

  • Covid-19 Medical Expenses
  • Ancillary Hospital Expenses
  • Physicians Visits
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Ambulance Service Benefits, etc…

UAE travelers with travel insurance that includes coverages for trip interruptions or trip delays may receive reimbursement of up to a $7,5000 policy period. 

UAE travelers who intend to engage in high-risk activities like rock climbing or trekking in Kenya are encouraged to purchase Hazardous Sports Travel Insurance as these activities are not covered in the Kenya travel insurance plan. 

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