Do Saudi Arabians Need A Visa For Kenya? Is Kenya Visa Free For Saudi Arabian Citizens?

The answer is YES! Saudi Arabia is not on the exempt country list for Kenya visas. Therefore, Saudi Arabian citizens should apply for a Kenya visa before traveling to Kenya.

  • There are several options for obtaining a Kenya visa nowadays. Saudi Arabia passport holders can apply for a visa by going to the Kenya embassy in Saudi Arabia and consulate nearest
  • In addition, the Kenyan Government launched the online Kenya electronic visa system (Kenya e-Visa) in 2015 in order to expedite the visa application process and make it simpler for foreign nationals to obtain a visa to visit Kenya.

Saudi Arabian applicants can obtain information quickly by completing the Kenya e visa application form online. The procedure is not complicated; no paperwork is required, and Saudi Arabians can apply remotely anywhere without going to the Kenya embassy or consulate. This Kenya eVisa is valid for 90 days from the date of entry.

Saudi Arabian passport holders who visit Kenya for vacation, tourist, visiting family, business, transit, and leisure purposes. Each purpose will have a different stay duration. Depending on your travel plans, you could spend a weekend, or even just a day, in Kenya, or you could take a long vacation.

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