Do Jordanians Need A Visa For Kenya? Is Kenya Visa Free For Jordanian Citizens?

Yes! Jordan is not a visa-free country list enter Kenya. So, Jordanian passport holders who intend to visit Kenya must first obtain a Kenya visa. They can apply for a Kenya e visa using a smart device connected to the Internet from anywhere rather than standing in queues at the Embassy or Consulate.

Jordan nationals need a travel authorization called a Kenyan e-Visa in order to enter Kenya. Filling out the application on Kenya Immigration Services website will swiftly and easily get Jordan individuals an Kenya electronic visa for brief trips to Kenya.

Jordanian nationals are able to travel, conduct business, receive medical care, and transit, all with the help of a Kenya electronic visa. Visa holders are permitted a maximum stay of 90 days as long as their validity period expires 90 days after the date of issuance.

The applicant must submit a few necessary documents while applying for a Kenya visa from Jordan. As a result, Jordanian passport holders should check the Kenya visa requirements for Jordan citizens ahead of time to ensure a smooth process.

The processing time for a Kenya e visa application is three business days at most once the application form and necessary papers have been submitted. The approved document will then be delivered to the email address the applicant supplied on the application form.

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