Do Bangladeshis Need A Visa For Kenya?

Bangladeshi citizens are not in the list of visa exemption list then Yes, Bangladesh passport holders must obtain a visa to enter Kenya lawfully. So far, Bangladesh citizens have to spend a lot of their time waiting in the long queue to apply for a standard Kenya visa (also known as paper visa). This way is considered to take time and effort to get a visa while the successful rate is not high. 

Fortunately, the Kenya electronic visa expedites and simplifies the process of acquiring a visa to Kenya for Bangladesh passport holders. Bangladesh visitors must fill out the Kenya visa online application, wait 5 to 72 hours for their Kenya e visa to be evaluated and granted, and then check their email for their Kenya eVisa.

  • At the moment, there are 4 types of Kenya e visa that Bangladeshi travelers can have: Kenya Tourist e visa, Kenya Business e visa, Kenya Transit e visa and East Africa e visa
  • Kenya e visa valid for 90 days from the date of entry; however, each visa will have different stay duration. Therefore, Bangladesh should think about the reason why they come to Kenya and how long they will stay in this country before applying.

All information is available on the Kenya Immigration Services website. Please connect with us to know more about Kenya electronic visa and extra traveling packages for your trips. 

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