Can Moroccans Travel to Kenya More Than Once?

No. The Kenya e-Visa is granted for a single entry only, so Moroccans who left the country and want to return must apply for a new visa even if they did not use the entire 90-day allowance. Only East Africa eVisa permits multiple entries between 03 East African countries (Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda). There are 04 types of Kenya eVisa available to Moroccans including Kenya Tourist eVisa, Business eVisa, Transit eVisa, and East Africa eVisa. These types of visas allow a single entry into the country within a 90-day validity period, and Moroccan travelers need to choose the one that best suits their travel purpose.

To obtain a Kenya eVisa, Moroccan travelers need to complete an online application form and pay for the visa fee. There are 02 types of visa fees that Moroccan citizens must cover: the Government fee and the Service fee. The Government fee is paid to the Immigration Department to grant a visa. The Service fee is charged based on the processing time Moroccan nationals want for their visa application.

Moroccans are also recommended to purchase Travel Insurance which helps them with benefits regarding medical expenses, emergency transportation, or trip interruption. In addition, this insurance also boosts the chance of visa approval by the Kenyan Government.

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