Are flights from Dubai to Kenya open?

Yes. The ban on all passenger flights from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to Kenya was removed in January 2022 by the Kenyan Government. That means travelers from Dubai can now freely travel to Kenya.

Initially, the ban was imposed by the UAE Government over allegations that some Kenya visitors who presented a negative certificate of Covid-19 had tested positive upon their arrival in Dubai. After that, the ban on flights from UAE taken by the Kenyan Government in retaliation for UAE's ban came into effect.

With the removal of the ban on flights, Dubai citizens who love discovering the incredible biodiversity and wildlife on safari tours are welcomed in Kenya. Emiratis must obtain a Kenya visa before traveling to this fascinating country. Fortunately, getting a Kenya eVisa is much simpler for nationals of the United Arab Emirates since the Kenyan Government has launched the new visa system. As a result, applying for a Kenya visa online is the fastest and most convenient way for Emiratis.

The Kenya electronic visa is granted to citizens of eligible countries, including UAE, and used for various purposes such as tourism, business, or transit. Emiratis nationals who wish to enter Kenya for reasons other than tourism must apply for a regular visa at the Kenya Embassy in the United Arab Emirates.

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