Kenya visa requirements for Central African Republic citizens

For many years, Africa has been a popular tourist destination. People from all over the world have been drawn to the great African plains, its vast forests, beautiful beaches, and blue seas.

Kenya is one of Africa's most beautiful countries, with a rich history, culture, and natural beauty.

This East African country is one of the most popular on the continent due to the presence of one of the world's most important wildlife reserves, as well as landscapes that have inspired many people to write books and film movies, among other things.

If you are planning a trip to Kenya, you are making a wise decision because this is a country that everyone should visit at least once in their lives. However, as any good tourist knows, before visiting a country, it is crucial to learn about the entry requirements.

Despite the fact that Kenya is a developing country, it is not excluded from the problems that plague other African countries. As a result, it was somewhat difficult to enter the country for several years. As a result, obtaining a visa for this country was previously difficult.

If you are planning a trip to Kenya, you must have an understanding of the requirements for a Kenya Visa for Central African citizens. A Kenya visa can be easily applied for and obtained online at Kenya Immigration Services. This document can be used for short trips. To learn more about the Kenya e-visa for Central African citizens, you can read through this article below.

Kenya e-visa for Central African citizens

Kenya e-visa for Central African citizens

1. Kenya e-visa for Central African citizens:

Central Africans need a visa to enter Kenya. Conveniently, passport holders from more than 150 nations, including the Central African Republic, can get a Kenya electronic visa. Travelers can apply for visas online and do not need to visit an Azerbaijani embassy or consulate for an interview.

As previously stated, a Kenya e-visa is a document issued by the Kenya government that replaces the traditional visa and allows you to visit Kenya using an electronic document linked to your passport.

Once the Kenya e-Visa for Central African citizens is approved, the authorization is automatically linked to your Central African Republic passport electronically. If you're traveling for the following reasons, you will need to apply for a Kenya e-Visa:

  • Tourism
  • Transit
  • Business
  • Visiting family

If you plan to travel to Kenya for other reasons, such as study or relocation, you should visit a Kenyan embassy or consulate to find out about other visa options.

How Long is a Kenyan e-Visa for Central African citizens valid?

When determining the validity of a Kenya e-Visa, three factors must be considered:

  • How long is the Kenya e-Visa valid?
  • Kenya has a maximum stay of 30 days.
  • How long can a Kenya visa be extended?

To begin, a Kenya e-Visa is valid for three months from the date of issue. This means that the permit holder must enter Kenya within three months of receiving approval. If the traveler does not enter the country within this time frame, the visa will become invalid and a new online application will be required.

As a result, once the approximate arrival date is known, it is best to apply for a Kenya e-Visa.

Applicants must provide their expected date of arrival in Kenya when filling out the e-Visa form. If the date is more than a few months away, the application will be placed on hold and processed closer to the expected arrival date.

This means that eligible passport holders can apply for a visa as soon as they know where they are going. Furthermore, it is not necessary to know the exact date of arrival; however, it must fall within the visa's 3-month validity period.

Type of Kenya e-visa:

There are 4 types of the Kenya e-visa available to Central Africans

  • Kenya tourist e-visa: If you plan to stay in Kenya for more than a few days, the Tourist E-Visa is a great option. Central African visitors can use this E-Visa to relax, visit friends and family in Kenya, or simply explore the sights. When you arrive in Kenya, you'll have plenty of time to see everything this beautiful country has to offer. The Tourist E-Visa is valid for 90 days and allows for only one entry into Kenya and you can stay in Kenya for a maximum of 90 days from the date of arrival.
  • Kenya business e-visa: Citizens of Central Africa who want to visit Kenya for business can apply for a Kenya business e-visa which is valid for 90 days. This is a single-entry, online visa that allows Central Africans to stay in Kenya for up to 90 days. Applicants must have an invitation from a registered company in Kenya when applying for it.
  • Kenya transit e-visa: Looking for a quick trip to Uganda? If you're on a tight schedule or anticipate a lengthy layover in Kenya, the Transit E-Visa is an excellent choice. Central African travelers can spend up to three days exploring the country while waiting for their next flight. What better way to pass the time? This type of e-visa is valid for 90 days and allows you to stay in Kenya for 3 days in total.
  • East African e-visa: With this visa, you can see Uganda, Rwanda, and Kenya. You can enter and exit between Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda with no restrictions throughout your 90-day stay. East African e-visa is valid for 90 days from the date of arrival.

2. Kenya visa requirements for Central African citizens:

Kenya e-visa requirements for Central African citizens

Kenya e-visa requirements for Central African citizens

Nationals from the Central African Republic need to adhere by the following Kenya online visa requirements in order to be considered eligible for an e-visa:

  • Central African Republic passport valid for a minimum of 6 months and with at least 2 blank pages
  • A Passport scan, passports must be valid for a minimum of 6 months after arrival.
  • An email address that is active for receiving visa correspondence, including visa confirmation.
  • Basic travel itinerary such as return flight ticket or proof of onward travel, hotel reservations.
  • A digital photo in any format: For the visa application, the applicant must submit a recent photograph (passport size). This photograph should be taken in color with a white background. The applicant's photo should be taken within 6 months of submitting the visa application.
  • An invitation letter from Host’s ID card must be submitted for having a tourist e-visa.
  • A company COI and an invitation letter from your partner company is required if you want to engage in business meetings or an international conference.

All applicants must make sure to meet these requirements before beginning their application form. If your passport is about to expire, you should renew it first.

Because the approved visa for Kenya is electronically linked to an individual travel document, the applicant should use the same passport to complete the Kenya e-Visa application that they will use to travel to the country. Applicants who hold dual citizenship should keep this in mind.

3. How to get a visa for Kenya from the Central African Republic:

The Kenya online visa application for Central African citizens is a simple and quick process that can be completed in a matter of minutes. Central African applicants must complete the online application form with the following information:

  • Personal details (full name, gender, date, and place of birth)
  • Passport details (passport number)
  • Date of arrivals and departure in Kenya

Central African citizens must pay the e-Visa processing fee once they have completed all the required fields and double-checked that all the information is correct. This is accomplished through the use of a secure, encrypted platform.

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Travelers can then submit their application and wait for approximately 1 to 3 business days to receive their approved visa in their email inbox. Central African Republic passport holders are invited to request their visa at least 4 days before their trip to make sure there is enough time for the processing of their request.

4. Kenya visa fees for Central African citizens:

Kenya visa fees for Central African citizens

Kenya visa fees for Central African citizens

The cost of your Kenya e-Visa is determined by the type of visa and the processing time option you select when applying. Our services offer three options, and you can choose the best one based on your travel plans. These are their names:

  • Normal: This is the basic option, and you’ll wait only 3 Business Days.
  • Urgent: This method of processing is faster. By selecting this option, you will receive your Kenya e-Visa in 1 business day.
  • Super urgent: If Central Africans want to get a Kenya e-visa, this is the best option. The Kenya visa application is processed in only 5 business hours, but the price goes higher than other options.

To apply for a Kenya visa online, you have to pay two (02) kinds of Visa fees, which are called Service fees and Government fees. In addition, we recommend that you should buy Covid-19 Insurance when traveling. In unexpected cases, you might be positive with Covid-9, however the fee of treatment is quite costly when you are abroad, Covid-19 insurance will cover all the fee for you.

Means of payment: You can pay for this e-Visa with a Credit/debit card, Visa card, American Express, MasterCard, and PayPal. Besides, Kenya immigration services also provide service packages to help customers have a great trip and ensure safety such as Kenya travel insurance, Kenya eSim cards, and Car Pick-up service in kenyaimmigration.